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Fall into sleep with "Moonkiss," a lullaby album that both you and your little ones will cherish over many moons. Relax and slip into a meandering journey of dream-like arrangements of traditional and original lullabies, inspired by world, classical, jazz, pop, and folk musics.

The variety of songs, voices, melodies and textures, lets you enjoy this CD over and over without getting tired of it...although, staying awake is definitely optional!

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You and your family will fall in love with the mix of soothing melodies, lyrics, and instrumentation of classics such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, All the Pretty Little Horses, Hush Little Baby, as well as unique new songs like The Places You Will Go, I Will Sing a Lullaby, and the title track Moonkiss. Relax, make way for calm and imagination, and drift off to rest . . . to sleep.

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  What listeners say...

  Our baby listens to this CD every night. If we don't put it on for her, it takes her longer to fall sleep...
- Julie L.
  We love that the songs are all unique, yet are consistent in volume. No sudden, loud parts to wake our son up... :)
  - Mark P.   
  My husband and I have several lullaby CDs, but our guy is actually asking for this one each night at bed time!
    - Elaine W.

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"Moonkiss" is the perfect blend of baby lullabies and relaxing lullaby music that you (parent, mom or dad, grandparent) or your child
(baby, babies, infant, infants, toddler, toddlers, small child) would enjoy. "Moonkiss" lullaby CDs can be purchased directly from this site.
Enjoy the music of a baby lullaby and find yourself calm and content. "Moonkiss" lullaby music is full of lullabies baby will love and you
will cherish. Listen and melt away to the musical sounds of your favorite lullaby song.