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A short description about lullaby music today and of the distant past

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They say that anything that can stand the test of time, or better yet, evolve through the ages and not forget what it was before is something very special. Well, lullaby music is a wonderful example of this. There have always been babies and mothers who, through emotions of the heart, comfort their little ones lovingly and peacefully in times of seeking serenity. As any mother knows though, creating calming moments can often begin with a period of uneasiness or discomfort from the baby or child. There are many vices at a mother's disposal, but one of the most endearing practices is music. Lullaby music has come to the rescue of many a mother throughout the history of mankind as long as music as been around.

Lullaby music from our past

When you think of lullaby music, images and auditory memories of your own mother or father may conjure up. Mom singing lullaby music, an imperfect, but soothing voice filled with so much love it practically melts into your ears, then down into your heart. You might also think of your favorite lullaby music, such as Braham's Lullaby or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You may recall grown-ups singing or humming these lullabies to you as a small child. Some, you'll even remember singing yourself. Recollections of happiness, in moments of warmth, togetherness and security--just a few of the many adjectives that can describe feelings you have when listening to lullaby musics.

Lullaby music may have started with the single voice (a mother's quiet voice over child in a bed, bassinette or in her arms), but baby lullaby music has certainly evolved through time. As works of music adapted into lullabies or composers wrote their own, such as Braham's who set his sweet music to existing text in the nineteenth century. Braham's, like many composers of lullabies wrote his lullaby music in honor of a family member giving birth. It's interesting that even today, lullabies music is often written as a gift or gesture of celebration for the birth of someone close to the author.

Lullaby music of today

Ask any parent to talk about lullaby music now, and they'll give you insight into their own childhood AND what they've used today for their own children. In today's time, lullaby music doesn't have to come from the mouth of the mother. Instead, we can buy and download lullaby music as much as we like. Thanks to CD players and iPods, baby's ears can be filled with a variety of instrumental and sung lullaby music. Styles and genres of lullaby music vary, so parents can choose types of their liking. Lullaby music also spans continents as it always has; and like other music, the lullaby is a universal language that can be shared by all. Whatever your choice is, either downloading lullaby sheet music or something just to listen to, you're sure to find something precious that your whole family can enjoy.

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