The Musicians 

Heidi Yost voice, piano, keyboards
Heidi resides in southern California where she works as a free-lance musician, singer, and voice instructor. Classically trained with a performance background in theatre, Heidi's versatility lends itself well to both the angelic and intimate vocal styles heard on "Moonkiss."

Cory Fournier guitars, mandolin
Leaving music school to tour with a Top 40 group, Cory's musicianship is influenced by a variety of music styles. Based in Phoenix, AZ, Cory teaches his craft and performs in his acoustic duo Just Jade. With Cory's masterful and artistic guitar playing, "Moonkiss" is sure to win the hearts of any guitar or music lover.

Tyson Marquardt trumpet, piano, keyboards
With a background in jazz trumpet and a passion for new-age composition, Tyson expresses his unique musicality throughout "Moonkiss." He shares a vision with Heidi and Cory for a lullaby CD that reaches out to listeners of all ages and takes them on a journey of peace and tranquility.

"Moonkiss" will be released under the Iced Pita Records label.

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